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A Gaming Experience That Will Blow Your Mind

December 30th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in News

Wild Needle is a startup that was launched earlier this year. The startup which is based in Mountain View claims to be in “super sneaky stealth mode”. Wild Needle is set to enter the social mobile gaming arena in the near future. The startup is seeking to raise $3million in funding and has so far secured $2.5 million. Wild Needle’s mission is to take the mobile gaming experience to a level never experienced before. A glance at the startup’s website reveals that they intend to make their games immersive, thoughtful and full of unexpected delight. All these promises wet the appetite of game lovers but unfortunately there is no further information given about these next generation social games. The only other thing that you will get on their site is that the team at Wild Needle consists of a number of entrepreneurs who have previously worked in PayPal, Microsoft, Adify and Playdom. The SEC filing that detailed this round of funding included the names of Rick Thompson, a co-founder and the chairman of Playdom as an executive, Heidi Carson is also listed as an executive while the co-founder of VC firm Shasta Ventures Robert is put down as a director. Game lovers will no doubt be watching out for Wild Needle in the coming Year.

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