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Android Overtakes The iPhone

January 15th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in News

Millennial Media an ad network company has put Android ahead of iPhone. Millennial which reaches 81 percent of mobile Web users in the US can be used to gauge the Web trends in the mobile world. The Millennial stats for December 2010 show that Android got 46 percent of the ad impressions share. The iOS on the other hand got 32 percent. This news should not come as a surprise since in August 2010 Android outsold iPhone the first time ever. Other than that Millennial also reported that ad requests on Android have increase by 3130 percent over 2010. These statics should be music to users’ ears. Competition is usually good for consumers since producers are challenged to up their game resulting in better prices and products. The way it looks, mobile advertisers have to include the iPhones and Androids in their plans from now hence forth. Failure to do so would mean risking losing huge portions of the market. Already Verizon is moving into the iPhone market which originally was considered an AT&T niche. It is likely that iPhone’s availability on other networks will increase it sales and consequently score higher ad impressions taking it back to the top position. The iPhone and iPod Touch devices are among two of the three most popular mobile devices making Apple the top manufacture on Millennial’s network.

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