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Create a Classified Ad Site and Network

February 12th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in Build an Online Business

There are several benefits to creating your own classified ad site and network so it is worth looking at them one by one.

Of course, what you have to remember is that selling things online isn’t like selling them in a shopping mall. People can’t just walk by your store and see what you have on offer. This is where internet classified ads come in absolutely essential. A site that does no advertising is an invisible site that no one will visit. 

Advertising on other people’s ad sites or on big name ones such as Craigslist, is one way of reaching out to your potential customers. However, setting up your own site has a number of extra benefits that you need to bear in mind. Here is the list of individual benefits that you will have if you decide to create your own classified ad site and network.

  1. Make money without having your own site. This is a simple way to sell products and make commission without even having your own site to sell from.
  2. Add value to your own site. If you do have you own site then adding on a link to the classifieds page gives you visitors an extra reason to visit you and an extra reason to hang around a bit and then come back later on.
  3. Easy to set up and use. The classified ad sites are set up as hosted services, meaning that you don’t have to do any programming, any set up work and very little ongoing maintenance.
  4. Build up a bigger leads database. A big part of the sales process is about getting hold of a large supply of leads and contacts. Having your online classified ads site will definitely help you in doing that.
  5. Gain affiliate commission. Even if you don’t have your own products to promote and sell you can earn money through posting classified ads on your own site for other people’s products and earn commission on those sales. 
  6. Expose your ads to more people. As well as having your ads in prime position on your own site, joining an ads network lets your announcements appear on lot of other sites.

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