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Flickr Stays On, At Least For Now

January 15th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in News

It is not surprising for people to expect Yahoo to shut down more of its properties. After all last year we got to find out that a number of the properties will be sunsetted. It is on this background that people started raising questions over the profitability of Flickr, a site that allows users to share photos. The Product Chief at Yahoo, Blake Irving, sent out a Tweet with a message that was nothing short of an endorsement of Flickr. The Tweet, “Q. Is Yahoo! committed to Flickr? A. Hell yes we are! We love this product and team; on strategy and profitable”. Earlier in the week there were questions raised on the profitability of Flickr and on the possibility of the site being sunsetted like many others.  Former Director of Engineering at Flickr indicated that Flickr gets a substantial amount of revenue from ads and partnerships rather than from selling Pro accounts. His comment was in reply to some calculations by a long time Flickr user who estimated that the site was bringing Yahoo about $50 million per year. The ReadWriteWeb followed this article with a question as to whether Flickr may some day share in the fate of some of the Yahoo properties that were being sunsetted.  With the tweet from Irving Flickr users can have some peace and hope it stays that way for along time.

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