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Foursquare’s New Marketing Idea

January 13th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in News

Foursquare has come up with an idea that will ensure that its services are a must for small and big businesses alike. The company has announced the new Foursquare for Business via Twitter. Foursquare now has a bigger and improved content section that details to business owners how they can make the best use of the platform. There are now different sections that give brands and venue owners a step by step guidance on how Foursquare can help them to reach customers. The information is quite detailed. For instance for venue owners there is information on how they can go about creating special offers and how they can claim their Foursquare business page. Business owners also get to learn how they can track the redemption of special offers at the register. Brands on the other hand get guidance on how they go about creating a Foursquare page and how they can include tips in their page. Also included are the criteria for acquiring a Foursquare Partner Badge. This content expansion is a clever way to ensure that more businesses become active participants of Foursquare. The new Foursquare for Business is more cohesive and offers a marketable sales pitch for the company.

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