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Get An Advert Every Time You Call

January 19th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in News

Many people have not given much attention to ringback tones. In fact to some this may be a new term. It generally means what you hear when waiting for the call to connect.  For a long time the only sound we would hear were beeps which were not of much interest to anybody. Somebody must have been waiting for a call to connect when they got an idea that could make some money while waiting for the connection, ringback advertising. This kind of advertising is quickly curving itself a niche in the world of advertising. According to a report by Juniper Research, ringback ads will most likely hit $780 million by 2015. Companies are offering mobile phone subscribers who join in to the branded content program some airtime credit in return. While some view this as a win- win situation, DR. Windsor Holden sees it differently.  Holden says that the ringback advertising can cause a backlash from discontented callers. This would in turn result to a reduction in network voice traffic. While Holden may view it that way the other side of it is that it could go the “TV way”. Ads on TV have been so successful such that an average of 18 minutes in a 60 minutes show is used in advertising. People still watch TV.

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