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Google’s AdMob Billion Figures

January 7th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in News

AdMob has grown tremendously standing at a growth rate of 30 times in a span of three years only. Google says that the company which operates under its umbrella now gets 2 billion ad requests in a single day. Staggering! As of May 2010 the ad company was getting 10 million ad requests not in a day but in a whole month. AdMob which is located in San Mateo in California was founded back in December 2006 and was acquired by Google in November of 2009.  According to AdMob over 100 million unique iOS and Android devices requested for an ad every month. This figure is double the rate that was experienced six months before. December 2010 also saw a total of nine countries that are in the AdMob network have over one billion ad request in a month each. One year ago only one country had over a billion requests. Asia recorded the highest growth in requests having grown 564 percent, Western Europe followed with a rate of 471 percent and then the Oceania region with 363 percent. Since the mobile ad company was acquired by Google it has been growing steadily and at nothing short of a record breaking speed.

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