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Google First In Search But Third In Accuracy

January 16th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in News

For months on end Google has been leading having the biggest percentage of the searches conducted among search engines. December 2010 was no different. According to a report by Experian Hitwise, Google scooped  69.97 percent of the searches conducted in the US. The nearest competitor, Bing, came in at a distance having managed 25.77 percent. When it comes to issues to do with the accuracy of searches, tables turn as Bing and Yahoo take the lead with an accuracy rate of 81 percent. Google scored 65 percent. There are those who are of the opinion that Google is not any less accurate than other search engines. For instance with Bing users usually get what they are searching for directly because it is set up as a one shot search engine. Google on the other hand takes into consideration a number of parameters resulting in a number of tries before landing on what a user is searching for. The other thing in the report worth noting is the change in way users conduct their searches. Search queries are becoming shorter and shorter. Two word searches represented 24 percent of all searches. Searches that had more than five words had a 4 percent decrease. One of the reasons this is happening is the introduction of such features as Google Instant which gives results as one is typing.

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