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Google Gets A Breakthrough In An Italy Case

January 20th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in News

Enough people have been after Google’s throat. One of the regions that have made it to news headlines in relation to Google complaints is Europe where a number of bodies in have been actively pursuing the company with all sorts of accusations. One of such bodies is the Italian Competition Authority which was conducting an antitrust investigation on Google News. The investigation started in 2009 when Italian publishers complained that the links on Google News were not sending them traffic yet they had not been successful in removing them without removing their content from the entire Google search results. Not having their content appearing on searches would obviously hurt their general traffic as well as the revenue earned from ads. Now Google has agreed to let publishers remove their content from Google News without their appearance in the results of a search on Google.com being affected. Complaints over AdSense were also dealt with and it was agreed that Google would work to increase the transparency of the way revenue collected from AdSense is shared out. With these agreements the regulator seemed satisfied and ended the case against Google. With one case done the giant search engine still has several others to go. The European Union is still pursuing its antitrust investigation on Google.

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