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Make Easy Money with Your Own a Fantasy Sports League

November 23rd, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in Build an Online Business

Fantasy sports leagues are big business and you can make money online by hosting your very own fantasy sports league. The average person who enjoys and actively participates in fantasy sports is male, married, college educated and has an average income of over $50,000. Many women also enjoy fantasy sports leagues and are devoted fans. This is a huge opportunity for you to make money by hosting your own league.

A study by assistant sociology professor at West Virginia Wesleyan College, Don Levy showed that most men who are involved in fantasy sports spend at least one hour a day online checking stats, reading bios of players and maintaining their teams. During the pre-season of the NFL some companies have even reported that productivity drops because of the amount of time spent online on fantasy sports sites.

How can you cash in on this favorite pastime of so many people who have disposable incomes? All you need is a website and some marketing. Fantasy teams are made up of real players and the teams win or loss is based on the player’s performance in real life. Besides offering players a chance to bet on the outcome of fantasy games, you can attract some big time advertisers to your site. The popularity of fantasy leagues means that you can approach major companies such as McDonalds, Ford, Chevy, Coke, Budweiser and others to buy space on your site. CBS SportsLine recorded $15 million in sales from their 1.3 fantasy football enthusiasts in 2009. While you will start out smaller, with the popularity of fantasy leagues, you will make a substantial income from a small amount of investment. Get in on the action and fun and host your own fantasy sports league and make money online.

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