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Making Profits by Creating Your Own Niche Dating Website

March 8th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in Build an Online Business

Searching for the right partner can be an arduous task and in a world of billions, the odds of you finding your soul mate are very low. However, with the advent of the Internet, your chances just got a bit better. These days, dating websites became very popular for those hopeless romantics. Although most people don’t admit it, they do tend to look for specific qualities in a date and this is where a niche dating website comes in to help.

As life may have already taught you, different people have different preferences and though most people like to look for their souls mates, some people like to sit and wait for love to find them. The best way to capitalize on both types of people is to create a niche dating website that offers both.

It will basically work like this, on one side you’ve got one set of ads that essentially say, “If you’re a catholic and looking for love, joining us would increase your chances of finding blah, blah, etc, etc., so on and so forth.” While on the other side you’ve got another set of ads that basically says, “Want to date sophisticated God fearing blah, blah, etc, etc.”

Regardless of what you put on your ads, the trick here is to get them to either join or simply enter your website. If you’re worried about your ads however, don’t bother, because most people tend to disregard the other ad if ever they do encounter it. They’ll just think that if there is such an ad then chances are its legit. Moving on how to make money, aside from the obvious practice of putting up banners or entering a banner exchange network, these types of businesses can charge clients for services like, live chat, video feeds and similar.

Though you might think that this is no different from social networking sites, you are wrong! Most people like to be discreet about who they are dating, especially if things don’t go too well. Protecting your client’s privacy allows you to charge them for your services. If you’re still not convinced, then you’ve underestimated the human drive to find love. People who are serious about their relationships “will not” hesitate to pay top dollar, euro, pound, yen or whatever to find their soul mate. Besides, what is money compared to finding true love, right?

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