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Nokia And Microsoft Partner Provoking Protests By Thousands

February 11th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in News

Finally there is a confirmation of the rumors that have been doing their rounds about a partnership between Nokia and Microsoft. Stephen Elop, Nokia’s CEO announced that Windows Phone 7 will now be the primary platform of Nokia. For a long time Nokia has been operating on the Symbian platform but with the rise of the Android and the iPhone platforms the Symbian has progressively become archaic and less suitable for the modern phone needs.

Although Nokia had been working on its own OS, MeeGo, which was being viewed as its response to the current smartphone competition, it will now be treated as an experiment as the Windows Phone 7 takes center stage. As a matter of fact the company intends to ship a MeeGo device later in the year to learn from the experience. Nokia intends to make up for the delay in the release of MeeGo by being the company that will discover the next major mobile Operating System.

 Elop together with Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer, said that Nokia will be the company that will be the definer of the Windows Phone 7’s future. The wealth of hardware expertise that Nokia has will now be focused on making Windows Phone among the best in the market and spread it to wider international markets.

The other important point made during the announcement at Nokia’s Capital Markets in London was that Nokia was going to adopt the Bing search engine which belongs to Microsoft across its devices. The same applies to Microsoft’s adCenter display. In exchange the Ovi Maps from Nokia will be made part of Microsoft’s mapping services. The Ovi app store will also become part of Microsoft’s app Marketplace.

On the side of tablets, Nokia will either continue with a creation it was working on internally or adopt from Microsoft. It is possible though that the company will choose to first concentrate on the smartphone then later work on a tablet. It is also not clear when Nokia will release a Windows Phone 7 but the sooner they do the better it will be. Nokia will still continue shipping its Symbian devices in their millions this year but it is expected that by 2012 the Windows phones will have taken over by a huge percentage if not entirely. .

Contrary to rumors Nokia will not sack most of its executive staff. Alberto Torres who was head of the MeeGo though has already resigned. The sad news is that the company will still reduce a substantial number of its employees. To this end a Finish newspaper, Helsindin Santomat, reported that over a thousand of Nokia’s employees walked out of the Nokia offices in Finland in protest to the new partnership.

Around a half of Nokia’s workforce in Tampere Finland works on the Symbian OS which will now be phased out as Windows Phone 7 is embraced by the company. There was also an outburst by the staff at the company’s Oulu office where a half of the staff works on the OS. We can do is to wish Nokia the best in its survival efforts and hope that it will finally be able to sell its phones to the Americans.

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