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Become a Paid Premium Blogger on Other People’s Sites

October 12th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in Build an Online Business

Blogging is very popular these days.  It is more or less like writing an article on any exciting subject and then posting it on your personal blog site which can be shared with others. Some bloggers blog for fun while some blog to make money. Blogging for fun can be just a hobby or just to tell others about your interests and activities or may be a way to bring in extra income.

Becoming a paid premium blogger on others website is an effective way to make money. Comparatively it is much easier than setting up your own blog. High-quality content has a key role to play in getting a reader’s attention and attracting visitors. Writing articles or content and then posting it on a company blog is really a straight forward and easy process.  Also it reduces the trouble of beginning it all from scratch. It’s really like premium bloggers are working as ghostwriters.  The drawback is giving up the copyright of the content.

Paid premium bloggers are usually paid a good amount. People who hire these paid premium bloggers usually own a number of websites for which they need content. Some website owners possess good amount of money and resources and they can put some of this money into making site content. These website owners lack time and need professional content writers to write articles for all these sites. Generally, premium paid bloggers, are paid on a per article basis; usually $10 – $100 for one article. That is a fair amount of money for just one article. Premium paid bloggers usually need to update the blogs with fresh new content.

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Also, if you have an established blog, get paid to post all kinds of content for companies on the internet. You can post product and service reviews, advertisements and more for more money in your pocket. Here are some of the best programs for that.

http://www.PayPerPost.com – Probably the oldest and most famous paid blog network
http://www.Bloggerwave.com – get paid a minimum of $10 for each approved post.  Bloggerwave also pays on time and like clock-work.
http://www.Smorty.com – You can get paid $6 to $100 for each post and they pay-out weekly. You can have multiple blogs.
http://www.ReviewMe.com – Review services and products.  Get paid anywhere from $20 to $200
http://www.LoudLaunch.com – syndicate mini press releases from this site and earn based on the exposure
http://www.Blogitive.com – standard amount per post is $5 and get paid via paypal.
http://www.BloggingAds.com – post one time ads on your blog or website for money
http://www.SponsoredReviews.com – here you can write a sponsored review for products then post it on your blog and the payout ranges from $10-$500+ for each review
http://www.BlogsVertise.com – Payout is $4-$25 per entery for blog assignments
http://www.PayU2Blog.com – you get paid to blog
http://www.CreamAid.com – get paid $50 to publish a widget.  You only get paid when selected.  http://Contextual.v7n.com – offers contextual link advertisement in the price range of 10 dollars per link

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