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Will Google Acquire Twitter?

December 28th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in News

Word is going round about the possibility of a merger of Google and Twitter. Google now includes Twitter’s Promoted Tweets into the real-time search results. This is the first time ever that Google has included ads that are not from its Adwords. The Promoted Tweets were Twitters first go at online advertising. The ads are made available on the company’s website Twitter.com and also through partners explaining how they got to the Google real-time search results. Before, the search engine, Google, would pay Twitter to index its Tweets on its real-time search engine. This development has led many to speculate that a future buy out is in the offing. According to Paul Byrne, a once relationship manager at Google U.K ,said that this arrangement shows that there are ongoing discussions between the two companies even though Twitter had earlier brushed off offers from Google. Backed by the information of Google’s tendency to buy big companies such as YouTube, it is possible that Google would want to acquire Twitter, after all the company aims to acquire a new company each month. A merger between the two would benefit both companies as Twitter would get to reach more users than it does currently and its Promoted Tweets would be made available on all Google search properties. Google on the other hand would strengthen its quest in the social sector.

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